TRW Brake Pad for Volvo S40I / V40 Rear

TRW brake parts are the some of the most respected and trusted automotive components in the world. To maintain this trust we have to consistently provide high quality products, which we achieve through our rigorous testing process. Many of our tests focus on the fading of brake pads, which is the most critical characteristic of commercial vehicle friction material. We test our products above and beyond the intended use, which means drivers will never find themselves in a situation where they can’t trust the brake pads in their commercial vehicle. Evaluated by independent authorities in the Netherlands, our testing processes include: High performance testing – this assesses the bedding-in behaviour and fading Alpine simulation testing – measuring the downhill braking performance after 12 minutes of continuous braking on a 20% incline Dynamometer test – in conjunction with ECE R90 homologation The 2014 tests carried out by FRAUNHOFER-INSTITUT in Germany delivered exceptional results, with TRW products lasting longer than any other competitive products under extreme pressure. We also checked the amount of wear on all parts after every test and, in doing so, discovered that our products can perform better than OE products. This means we not only meet the international regulations, we exceed them.
SKU: GDB 1314